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A series of casual discussions by Naoto Hieda and Jorge Guevara lasts for half an hour to an hour to reflect on and theorize the Practices. The topic varies from abstract concepts such as time-space to concrete “stage” design of our displays where the Practices occur. Along with the Practices, all chat sessions are recorded to create a massive online archive that we can revisit. We believe that the field of dance-tech collaboration in general is still immature and in its early phase so that coders, artists, dancers and choreographers need to develop a vocabulary to accommodate technological flesh and embodied code rather than using technology superficially in dance pieces. By publishing Practices and chat videos, we contribute to a wider audience in the community to stimulate such discussion.

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with Flor de Fuego

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with Joana Chicau

Maybe you understand the world better through your best practices. Or you understand yourself better through your best practices.

- Ulrike Kuchner

You could do something really cool in just one line of code. It's okay, it doesn't matter.

- Flor de Fuego

There seems to be always unknown factors that keep us going.

- Joana Chicau

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